Lu-Fuki meaning and Funk etymology:


The word funk basically refers to a strong, generally offensive odour. The anthropologist/art historian Robert Farris Thompson, in his work Flash Of The Spirit: African & Afro-American Art & Philosophy, postulates that funky has its semantic roots in the Kikongo word "lu-fuki", which means "bad body odour".


Reference - Cree, M. "What is the real meaning of "funky"?" The Straight Dope. February 14, 1992. (accessed

December 6, 2011).



Band History



In May 2011, Slambo Steve and Bassface Vee decided to form a band after having played together in multiple musical settings. Bassface and Slambo approached Sandi and made a proposition for him to join this new Funk project. Despite his Drama commitments, he accepted the proposition and thereafter the band found themselves in need of a lead guitarist. They advertised this necessity by placing posters around Rhodes University campus. Their attempts to find a guitarist, with their same aspirations, were disappointing at first because there was no contact from anyone interested and no one appeared at the first audition. The second advertisement initiative proved to be more productive as Fu-Luki contacted them to set up an audition. This was highly successful and Luke was immediately brought in as the fourth and final member of Lu-Fuki.

The band’s first gig was at Slipstream Sports Bar, in Grahamstown, which was the preliminary round of the Live Music Society Battle of the Bands. The members of Lu-Fuki all had a great musical connection with each other at this gig and this was the platform on which they based their decision to pursue this musical dream as a career. Lu-Fuki went on to win the Battle of the Bands competition and they reaped the rewards to create a basis on which they could market their music. This included an all expenses paid full days recording at Sonic Art Studios and a music video shoot sponsored by the Rhodes’ Live Music Society. This subsequently lead to the release of the 7 track EP “Bad Body Odour” which was recorded, mastered and engineered by Luke “Fu-Luki” Clayton and the soon-to-be released “Goodbye” music video. This accomplishment has also given rise to multiple musical opportunities for the band, such as being the opening act for Voodoo Child’s visit to Grahamstown and a Grahamstown newspaper article illustrating their local music scene rise.

Lu-Fuki is looking toward the future for opportunity and prosperity. Their aim is to branch out of Grahamstown and make a name for themselves on the global music scene. Johannesburg and Cape Town are the destinations that will hopefully grant them enough exposure to lead them on to the international stage. No matter what life throws their way, they are determined to crack the music scene wide open with a sledgehammer embodied by Funk. They have an urge to spread their overbearing scent of powerful performance, meritorious  music and seductive soul. Let them stink up your ears.