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Sandi was born on the 5th July 1991. From a young age he had a great love for music, among which were the works of Michael Jackson. The first time he realised he wanted to become an entertainer was when he saw Smooth Criminal for the first time and tried to mimic MJ’s moves.

Sandi began his journey with singing by joining his primary school choir when he was in grade 3, at the tender age of 8. From then on he sang in choirs until Matric and took part in numerous musicals. During the beginning stage of Sandi’s musical encounters, he didn’t listen to Rock or Funk and only really developed a love for it at the age of about 12. It was at this point in his life that he stumbled upon bands such as Kings Of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, The Hives, Bloc Party and System Of A Down. As the years progressed, his love for Rock music grew so much that he started learning to play the drums.

 When Sandi started his tertiary education at Rhodes University, he was more focussed on his other love, drama. In the beginning of his second year at university he was approached by his good friend, and now drummer for Lu-Fuki, Steve Haiden to form a band with him and Bassface Vee. Sandi wasn’t sure that the band would be a possibility for him as drama took up so much of his time. He decided “why not?” and now thrives as the lead singer of the band.

Sandi draws his influences for being a front man from inspirational figures such as Jared Leto, Freddie Mercury and Anthony Keidis. His percussion expertise has enabled him to take part in playing the cowbell for Lu-Fuki. He is currently learning to play bass guitar and piano and is keen on playing drums again. Sandi Silly’s voice creates the perfect tone with which Lu-Fuki’s music is carried. It also blends well with Fu-Luki’s guitar riffs to give the melodic aspects of the music great depth.


Sandisile "Sandi Silly" Sizo Dlangalala