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Stephen “Slambo” Haiden


Steve was born, on the 27th of Febuary 1991, and raised in Johannesburg. This setting opened his eyes and ears to South Africa’s thriving underground and mainstream music scenes. He was given his first drum kit in 2002 and is still attempting to unravel the complexities of the instrument to this day.

In 2005, Slambo and a couple of high school friends formed a Punk Rock band known as The Hazards. This experience exposed the nature of live and underground music to Steve, which significantly appealed to him. The fast paced and eager rhythm that is directly associated with Punk Rock can be found in many of Lu-Fuki’s up tempo songs. After the demise of The Hazards, Steve joined The Stella’s, a Rock ’n’ Roll band. This experience gave him a desire to work with complex rhythms and a ‘tight’ rhythm section. His influences extend from drummers such as Max Roach to Chris Adler and he has dabbled with many genres over several years. Steve was initially trained by familiar South African drummer, Neill Ettridge and later by Rhodes University’s Steve Ellis, both of whom are well known for their talents in their respective communities.

Steve took music to a Matric level at high school and, after a year long decision, started studying music at Rhodes University. His tertiary studies started in 2010 and have been the musical excitement that drives his passion for drumming. Prior to Lu-Fuki, Slambo was singing for a Hard Rock band, namely Fate Fell Short. It was this experience that confirmed his feeling that he would preferably play drums for the rest of his life. Being at Rhodes University has given him ample opportunity to meet numerous great musicians with which to perform. Lu-Fuki has given him this same opportunity for which he is grateful. Funk is a recently found love of Steve’s. The intricate rhythmic patterns and band communication is what fascinates him about the genre.