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Vee “Bassface” Lourenço

Bassface Vee was born in Zimbabwe in 1990. She, along with her family, moved from Zimbabwe to Johannesburg at the end of 2003. The only sense of musical understanding that Vee had prior to this relocation was a few primary school experiences with musical theory, singing, piano and glockenspiel. In 2006, when she was 16 years old, Vee and her high school friends decided to start a band known as Standing Ground. She picked up the bass and was immediately hooked. Playing and writing lyrics for Standing Ground gave Vee a form of expression and release which she enjoyed. The guitarist of Standing Ground guided the development of Vee’s bass playing in a direction that advanced her technical abilities.

Her longing to further this advancement is what encouraged her to study a Bachelor of Music at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, from 2009 onwards. These studies gave her vast insight to the world of Jazz bass and, subsequently, technical bass abilities which she had always desired to obtain. These also aided her circulation as a bass player among many Grahamstown bands. The musicians by whom she has been taught and with whom she has played, have inspired Vee to play a wide and diverse array of styles.

Bassface Vee’s musical motivation comes from two prolific bass guitar icons: Michael ‘Flea’ Balzary and Professor Marc Duby. The bass riffs from Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s songs were the first she played and their musical style continues to form part of her inspiration and practice repertoire. Vee was taught by Professor Duby for the first 2 and a half years of her university career. Vee has said, “I am forever grateful to him for passing his wisdom on to me.” She continues, “it is an honour to have had the chance to learn from such an experienced and skilled player.”

Vee has always had an affinity to want to play within funk genre. This is why the genre associated with Lu-Fuki is the style of music she wants to be playing. The other gifted musicians from Lu-Fuki are the exact people with whom she wants to pursue a musical career. Her hard hitting bass riffs form the basis of Lu-Fuki’s Funk feel, without which the music would not have the same punch that is so clearly evident.